SeeMe® Crossing is a stand-alone, real-time warning system that automatically activates strong flashing lights whenever pedestrians are present hence increasing the visibility of pedestrians at crossings both at night and during the day. The tests, done by the partners of the manufacturer, show that SeeMe®, when active reduces the speed of oncoming following each other vehicles by on average 13 km/h.

SeeMe™ is a warning unit mounted on the top or on the side of the pole, which activates only when necessary and eliminates false warnings. The warning can be activated by three different means:
  • - Automatically via IR-detection
  • - Automatically via a radio tag on a pedestrian
  • - Manually via a pushbutton.
SeeMe™ is powered by solar energy and batteries which means it is energy self sufficient and maintenance free. SeeMe™ has inbuilt light sensors that adapt accordingly to natural lighting conditions. The product is developed to cope with even the toughest arctic environment.

The system is developed in the EU for European conditions, is certified and fulfils relevant European standards and regulations regarding safety and warning lights.
Our mission is tangible road safety!
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