Driving at night can be particularly hazardous, especially in areas where street lighting is either unavailable, not cost effective or environmentally not possible. The farsighted innovative design of Astucia’s SolarLite road studs makes them a vital component in cutting the number of road traffic accidents and thus saving countless lives. By installing Astucia SolarLite studs, local and regional authorities can help reduce accident rates and as a consequence significantly cut the amount of road congestion. The studs are particularly effective at sites where there is a high accident risk, often on sharp corners, winding roads with poor delineation or even its absence, and insufficient or nonexistent street lighting.

DLKD Ltd. offers a sustainable solution - innovative technology, solar powered Astucia SolarLite Intelligent Road Studs. Using ultra bright LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) the projected light from each stud is ten times greater than the visibility given by traditional retro-reflective studs. At a speed of 90 km/h they give drivers over thirty seconds to react to the road layout ahead compared with just 3.2 seconds for conventional retro-reflective road studs.

Life span and service

SolarLite road studs “Astucia” are additional technical tools for conventional road delineation to provide extra road safety. The operating life of the SolarLite road studs is greater than the road surface. Energy consumption is microprocessor controlled so that just a few hours of daylight will provide enough battery power to last days - more than enough to ensure the system keeps working no matter what the weather. Astucia products are extensively tested and are more robustly manufactured (ISO 9000) proven to be five times more durable and reliable than conventional retro-reflective road studs. All studs are to be replaced if on some certain road stretch more than 10% of studs or 10 consecutive studs are missing / not working because of intentional mechanical failures, or a single stud is missing in legal requirement areas such as double white lines.



Other uses

Our mission is tangible road safety!
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